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What Is PCOD , Causes , Symptoms

What Is PCOD? ( pcod kya hota hai)

PCOD is a common disease in women’s . That’s main reason is hormone imbalance . In this diseases women’s androgen level increases. Cysts start forming in the ovaries.

It is important to work male and female hormone properly in human beings , But in PCOD women’s male hormone level increases , Which causes problems in ovaries.

PCOD women’s face many problems. These include irregular periods or no periods, pain during the menstrual cycle, facial hair and acne, pelvic pain, and in some cases, infertility.

In local language plastic ovary syndrome called PCOS. This is a serious diseases. Those women’s who are suffer from this problem because of their hormonal imbalances.

Those girls and women’s who do not get periods for long time. They have more chances of PCOS diseases. According to scientist PCOS for long time cause menopause.

Those women’s who are suffer from this diseases their testerone level increases. which causes irregularities in ovulation. PCOS is more serious than PCOD in which the woman gains weight very rapidly.

What is Actually mean by PCOD ?

PCOD Cause these Problems

If we not get aware from PCOD problem these can be happen with the women’s . Such as infertility, miscarriage or premature birth, metabolic problems, abnormal uterine bleeding, anxiety or depression, in rare cases breast cancer, type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, endometrial cancer and metabolic syndrome etc.

How to get Cure From PCOD ?

If A women want to get cure from PCOD Problem then she have to keep these things in her mind. She have to do Regular exercise , she have to take pill timely , and keep distance from smoking , alcohol and drugs , and also from more amount of oil in food and spices. And those food which have more amount of fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol.

Causes of PCOD ?

Symptom of PCOD ?


PCOD is a hormonal disorder that is commonly seen in young women. It can occur due to many reasons, but in most cases it is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, inactive daily life, stress and drug abuse.

Many symptoms can be seen in a woman suffering from PCOD such as hair growth on the body and especially on the face, weight gain, acne, etc. In rare cases, PCOD can also cause problems in conceiving. Therefore, as soon as its symptoms appear, one should immediately consult a specialist doctor.

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